Boat Restoration






As well as a full restoration service, we are able to offer replacement deck components,

internal fit-outs and hull, topside and cabin repairs/alterations.



Recent restoration projects:


2015:  "Dusk Hunter" - 24ft mahogany on oak clinker launch

New mahogany windscreen

New deck hatch

Replacement marine ply floorboards

Old varnish on deck and cockpit completely stripped and application of 8 coats of yacht varnish


                                                     BEFORE                                                                                                   AFTER









2015:  "Tom Tit" Custom - built, larch carvel river cruiser


Removal and polish of all deck brass and port holes

Sanding of all woodwork, deck and hull

New chart table

Repaint and varnish of all woodwork, hull and topsides

Sign writing and gilding

                                                       BEFORE                                                                                                  AFTER








2015: "Lotus VI" 28ft carvel built mahogany cruiser

Complete strip and repaint and varnish of hull and superstructure

New mahogany handrails

Replacement windows and hatch

New sign writing





2016 (currently underway): "Hope" 23ft, Mahogany on Oak, 50's clinker fishing boat

Removal and replacement of 10 rotten and collision-damaged planks, including garboards

Two damaged ribs sistered

complete strip, sand and repaint and varnish










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