Our Heritage


Where it all started...

In 1954 the great Jack Chippendale launched Chippendale Craft, and he soon became known throughout the sailing

community and the world for his beautifully built wooden boats and lovely designs, many of which are still in use today.

His attention to detail  and wonderful craftsmanship was highly sort after and over the next 40 years, Jack was to build some

4000 wooden boats. For more on Jack Chippendale, see 'The Guardian' article by Bob Fisher;




In 1990, Jack transfered the business to Ted Bird and Chippendale Craft became SeaBird Boats. The attention to quality

and detail continued to be of utmost importance and many of the designs built by Chippendale continued to be offered



The workshop and our view of the river Brede, Rye


  Us today...

The building and repair of wooden boats continues under the new name of Fine Woodcraft. With the main line of

work being the restoration and repair of all types of wooden craft as well as commissioned new-builds, all offered with the

personal service and quality craftsmanship our customers have come to expect.



             The Cobled streets of the old market town of Rye.                          


Our work is the result of a combined 60 year passion for woodcraft and we aim to ensure that each and every restoration project

or new build carries with it the mark of quality and the personal touch, which identifies it as a Fine Woodcraft product.



Jeff Baker, 

Fine Woodcraft.


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